Here at Blocland we’re big fans of America’s pastime. In fact, did you know the word “baseball” starts with the same letter AND contains the same number of syllables as “Blocland”?! Match made in heaven, folks.

Whether you’re all in on the Astros or doin’ the Dodger dance, you should know that both Houston and L.A. have rich and magnificent musical legacies. So, let’s kick off the October Classic with jams that the Dashing Dodgers and the Astronomic Astros are surely bangin’ in their respective locker rooms.

FOR HOUSTON … local sensation RiFF RAFF is a true underdog, much like José Altuve, the Astros’ resident hobbit. But he ain’t a mediocre hobbit like that Sam idiot — Altuve won the AL batting title and is an absolute beast in the infield. Don’t you dare underestimate him. Or RiFF RAFF.

FOR LOS ANGELES … it’s all about Snoop Dogg, baby. Like Mr. Dogg, Clayton Kershaw is gonna seduce the Astros into taking wild swings at pitches that are way out of their league. Meanwhile, the rest of this Dodgers team is sexy as hell. You can’t look at Justin Turner’s beard without getting a little hot and bothered. Yowza.

Whoever wins, it’s gonna be a spicy series, folks. And Blocland SPORTS will be posting World Series Jamz to get you pumped before every game … upon admin approval. Thankfully our administrator is an absolute angel!

Let’s play ball!

  • Thom’s Left Eye

    I got swole just by reading this potent sportz content.

    • Cooolin

      ESPN is fake news, Blocland SPORTS only source I trust.

      • Thom’s Left Eye

        ESPN and MLB won’t tell you there are other countries in the world. We’re through the looking glass here, and i’m not sure how deep this thing goes…

        • Cooolin

          Oh no, we’re really deep in it now, probably should flee to …. shit, name another country. Any country.

          • Thom’s Left Eye

            New Mexico. wait

    • Doris Montgomery

      Blocland Promotes the use of Roids

      • lobster man

        Not me. I’m posting clean over here.

        • Cooolin

          Sorry it’s not optional.

  • Saul Wright

    Thanks for these jamz, Colin and welcome BLOCLAND SPORTS!

    watch the fuck out, ESPN

  • DFrye

    What about “Over My Head” from Houston heroes King’s X? It both describes what happens to the ball from the Dodger outfielders perspective when Carlos Correa lays into one and is a JAMZ.

    • DFrye

      That is quite large.

    • Cooolin

      The jamz are not over!