Game Two was absolutely nuts. There were 750 home runs. Cameron Maybin stole a base and it started raining Doritos Locos Tacos across America. Yasiel Puig married his bat during the 7th-inning stretch in a beautiful ceremony officiated by Vin Scully. The Astros won but now Jose Altuve is lost somewhere in the bowels of Dodger Stadium. Hopefully they’ll find him before tonight! Poor little guy!

Anyway, Blocland SPORTS has a couple of jamz to get you pumped for Game Three:

FOR HOUSTON … No nonsense today. We’re going with Houston hometown hero Beyoncé. And what’s more appropriate than “Countdown”? After all, we’re talking about the Astros, and though I don’t know what an “astro” is, I’m assuming it has something to do with space. Space is everything that is not Earth.

“Countdown” is also one of Beyonce’s most jittery, exuberant singles, where she might as well be counting down to George Springer launching a moonshot over the train tracks in Minute Maid Park.

FOR LOS ANGELES … You guys don’t have one dude that’s running the show. You’re a capital-T Team, dammit! And you’re a bunch of hungry freaks who lust after that sweet sweet World Series ring. Yasiel Puig might be the most lovable freak in baseball … hopefully he doesn’t abandon us to settle down into a life of domestic bliss with that silly bat.

Anyway, Mothers of Invention is another great team of the past in the City of Angels. Here’s one of their many fabulous jamz. I wanted to pick the one where they drone on about cream cheese but someone on the Dodgers might be lactose intolerant, so #respect.

Let’s baseball.

  • DFrye

    I’m enjoying this series (that means two things!) immensely Cooolin.

    • Cooolin

      How’d they get me on record screaming at the TV?

  • lobster man

    I like baseball but i haven’t really been following this year for some reason. This series has inspired me to watch this series.