Hey guys, since we don’t have an official classifieds section yet, thought I would post here some stuff I have for sale you might be interested in.

  • 1 set of computer speakers, decent shape
  • 20″ desktop computer monitor
  • 1 used ’employee of the month’ coffee mug, could use a washing
  • Framed ‘tennis girl’ poster. kinda cheap frame.
  • 2 24 packs of orange tic-tacs. One of them is opened, has 2 individual tic-tac packs missing.
  • 3 Pop! vinyl figurines, some anime characters, I don’t recognize them, I’ll sell together for discount, or separately.
  • 1 4×6 photo frame, still has a family photo in it, I’ll remove it before I sell it so you can put what you like in there.

Talk to me directly about prices, everything goes to best offer!

  • LeMonjello

    Oh, and only cash or corn please, no shrimp bargaining.

  • Blochead4real

    Would you describe these items as
    A – Pristine
    B – Some buttery shrimp fingerprints
    C – Dead assistant levels of grease coating
    I’m pretty interested. But am worried about that C thing.

  • Cooolin

    I’ll take the mug if you get rid of the shrimp-finger residue first.

  • Cooolin

    I will also take the photo frame but please do not remove the family photo, thanks.

    • LeMonjello


  • Doris Montgomery

    interesting list of wares here.