Oi. Fucken rotter. Wut tha fuk iz this, bruv? HS not making the fucken top 20. Really? You fink it’s easy?

Fucken prat.

It don’t come fucken easy, mate, lmao, trust ol’ ‘arry on this one. (You tosser.) I go rock, right? Put ma ‘eart on ma sleeve, right? Buy my Aerosmif clothes, right? Do ya know wut I mean? And this is wut I get then. Bunch of minging, naff, PISH.

Just shit in ‘arry’s mouth then, and slag me off then, I guess. Cuz if that’s the case then this is a cock-up, innit. The whole lot of ya – piss off. List left a taste in me mouf worse than kippers, it did.

I won’t forgive easy, ya git. An I sure as ‘ell won’t forget mate. Cuz you’re a right manky twat.

God bless,


  • Ryan Gregson

    Oi, dis is some shite, innit

  • Black Antlers

    Bloc, it appears that Mr Styles has not followed your informative and insightful e-learning course on how to correctly flip the bird.

    • Blochead4real

      Well he is devoid of testicular fortitude.

      ALSO…..this article is perfection. Well, close. I think Dfrye is right. Needs more “cunts”

      • Donnytilla

        Thanks B. Wasn’t sure about our position on expletives – I see now that we’re BAD BOYS. WHOOO!!!

  • DFrye

    Needs more “cunts”.

    • Black Antlers

      …and is shy of a wanker or two and a well chosen penis euphemism.

  • meat

    I really like this song and hate myself for it

    • Donnytilla

      It is a great song

      • Blochead4real


    • DFrye

      To be clear, I am only upvoting for the proper response of hating yourself.

      • Donnytilla

        IT WORKS

  • raptor jesus

    Do ya know what I mean???