While everyone else at Blocland HQ was fawning over that new The Radioheads album that all the kids are listening to, I was thinking, “What is that? Auto Post Bot, set a reminder for September 22, 2018, the 20th anniversary of Dizzy Up the Girl”. Like most suckers squarely in the middle of a generation that is marketed nostalgia every day, I yearn for a particular sound, and that sound is the sound of Beach Slang’s debut album, circa 2015,  specifically tracks six thru ten. It is the perfect cocktail of radio ready rock, pop punk, and just a pinch of that emo song you were afraid to tell the cool, ironic kids you really dug in high school. I need those big sing along choruses. Those soaring pentatonic solos (but never for more than 25 seconds). Those open guitar chords. Those vaguely nostalgic lyrics. Whoever’s left in Beach Slang, please just go back to this place and stay there.

See Through Dresses, out of Omaha, Nebraska found this sound in 2016 and then promptly got really into Tamaryn or Wild Nothing or something. This is probably for the best, I imagine the kids in line for the Van Leeuwens truck on Bedford are listening to Pretty Police, Wild DIIV Fossils and like, chorus pedals on loop for 3 or 4 minutes. But in this one song, Drag Scene, the final track off of the End of Days EP, I am transported back to those days that I yearn for. It checks every box. Check it out below.

You also can preorder their new album, Horse of the Other World, uh, here – which could, ostensibly, also sound sort of like Beach Slang did circa 2015.


Until next time, I’ll be searching for that Gin Blossoms high.

  • Blochead4real

    I love how oddly specific your desired sound is. Is endearing

  • LeMonjello

    I really like about three quarters of the sounds you describe here, so we’ll see how this goes…

  • LeMonjello

    How’d did you get through this whole review without mentioning Gin Blossoms?

    • Caleb Tripp


      • LeMonjello

        Wait, did you just add that? was it always in there and I’m a dumb?

        • Caleb Tripp

          We’ll never know.

  • Doris Montgomery

    Punks in a disco bar is p good from the new one

    • Caleb Tripp

      you should start a column about it

      • Padfoot24

        I should do something re: Chumped in 2014

  • Tyler Jameson Tripp

    I feel like there could have been a Speedy Ortiz or Land of Talk mention in there.