Who is Cancer? Apparently it’s some side project of two Danish dudes. Who are in other bands I’ve never heard of. Why is this so good? Am I on THE DRUGS? Is it just me? I need feedback here, people. Does this guy sound like ANOHNI at times? Why do I like this guy and not ANOHNI? What the F is going on around this place? Did we really let Jeanine go? Why did we do that? Sure Jeanine could be difficult but she make solid coffee and her newphew was a cool kid. He’s working for Bernie Sanders now. I don’t wanna name names but somebody that runs this site is pretty bossy pants.

Let me know how you guys feel about this album. (and also if this Jeanine decision seems arbitrary)

  • DFrye

    No comment. I started after “Jeanine-gate”, as this bossy pants person referred to it.

    As for the music, fucking awesome! Wait, someone just told me it’s not Cancer Bats. Let me get back to you.

    • Cooolin

      I don’t get upper management’s backtracking on Jeanine. It’s like how liberals are suddenly getting wistful over George W.

  • Cooolin

    There is definitely an ANHONI connection, Bloc. And we’ve talked about why ANHONI is unbearable.
    BUT …. I absolutely loved her old band thing Antony & The Johnsons, and this sounds a lot more like something from The Crying Light than “OBAAAAMMMAAA DON’T DRONE BOMMMBBB MEEEE OMBAMMAA”

    • Doris Montgomery

      i think hopelessness is less than popular around these parts

      • Cooolin