My mind is blown.  I considered myself a 6 on a scale of 10 of Kendrick Lamar fandom going into the show last night, at least as far as familiarity with his catalog.  I wasn’t even going to go, but an acquaintance I met recently had an extra ticket and extended the invite.  I knew it would be good, but holy fucking shit.

The setlist.  The stage.  The lights.  The visuals.  THE ENERGY.  Oh god, the energy.  Kendrick was standing alone on the blank white stage and had an entire hockey arena in the palm of his fucking hand; everyone absolutely losing their minds, reciting every word.  I got the chills multiple times throughout.  He’s the best doing it, and I don’t think ANY rapper EVER could have put on that type of show.  I’m an old school hip-hop guy; I’ve seen Outkast, I’ve seen Nas, I’ve seen the Wu-Tang Clan, but this was just something else.  There’s levels to it, you and I know.  Do what you need to do to catch this tour.

SETLIST (according to

Kung-Fu Kenny Part I (video)
King Kunta
untitled 07 | 2014 – 2016
untitled 02 | 06.23.2014.
Mask Off (Future cover)
Collard Greens (ScHoolboy Q cover)
Swimming Pools (Drank)
Backseat Freestyle
Kung-Fu Kenny Part II (video, a hilarious one, at that)
Money Trees
m.A.A.d city
Kung-Fu Kenny Part III (video, another hilarious one)
Every N***** Is a Star (Boris Gardiner cover)
Bitch, Don’t Kill My Vibe


All hail King Kendrick.


  • DFrye

    Welp. Gonna make the effort to see this now. Love the passion.

  • Cooolin

    Interesting choice for the encore. But I bet it was pretty special.
    Also Phoenix has some weird-ass names for its arenas.

    • inthedeadofknight

      Yeah the energy for “HUMBLE.” was so high that there was no reaching that again. He started it once, and stopped, and the crowd just went in unison through to the next verse. He stood there while the whole place roared “KENDRICK! KENDRICK!” for a good two minutes, and then started the whole thing over and the place exploded.

      • Cooolin

        Good grief, that sounds fuckin’ incredible.

        He’ll be in Denver on July 29. Obviously sold out. My only hope is checking to see if some fools with tickets can’t go on that day and snatch up their tickets.

        • DFrye

          Same. Just checked and he’s in Brooklyn next Thursday.

  • Doris Montgomery

    Where’s the selfie interview?

  • Saul_Wright

    HELL YEA. I’m envious.

  • alteph.

    Kendrick is definitely a once-in-a-generation/maybe-even-once-in-a-lifetime kind of artist

    • Doris Montgomery

      modern day styx

  • raptor jesus

    OMG that encore is literally my 2 fave DAMN. Songs. Still love LOVE. but FEEL. Has made a deeper impact over time.

    Ya’ll know me and GOD. already…

    • inthedeadofknight

      “GOD.” is my personal favorite as well, but I also realize that “HUMBLE.” is going to be bumped consistently by everyone until long after I’m gone. That song is perfection.