They are “Higher” and “Arms Wide Open.”

Why is “Higher” only the second most streamed song on Spotify? That’s totally fucked up. “Higher” is totally the not worst Creed song. It kinda rocks. The intro is pretty cool sounding. “Can you take me higher” is a line that both Christians and meth-heads can appreciate. What’s not to like.

“Arms Wide Open is cool too. Great drunk singalong, that kinda made ya tear up a little bit that one time. And a perfect song for a first dance at a wedding where the bride and groom were already related.


Confession: I feel like there were times when I was down with “One Last Breath,” but I certainly do not remember them. Proof below in skit-form.

Padfoot – “Why the fuck isn’t ‘Higher’ Creed’s most streamed song on the Spotify?

*listens to “One Last Breath” (Creed’s most streamed song on Spotify)*

Padfoot – *mutters under breath, forcefully* “Holll me knuh-how. I’m SEX fiit fruuu-uhm the edge, and I’m thank-ayyun.”

Update: has been informed that the title of the song is actually “With Arms Wide Open.” But due to integrity concerns we sticking with what was printed because no real Creed fans know what the word “With” means.

  • Doris Montgomery

    Bloc’s gonna be happy to have his name associated with this

    • Padfoot24

      I’m proud of this. I feel like something really needed to be said.