From time to time here at blocland we will feature a beer worthy of note. For this initial piece we will be discussing Deschutes Brewing “The Abyss”.

This is a truly remarkable imperial stout. The focus of this ale is an overwhelming amount of flavor profiles. Coffee, chocolate, licorice, molasses, cherry, deep stone fruit notes all abound. This is a potent beverage at a robust 11.25% abv. The bottle shown is from 2010 so the flavors have finished melding and smooth drinkability will surely prevail. These run about $20 for a 22 oz bottle. Well worth the hefty price tag. If at all possible age this gem. Prost!

  • dorismontgomery

    2 good for the shower?

    • blochead4real

      Not shower appropriate

  • Padfoot

    But can you sit in the abyss?

    • blochead4real

      Please do not be insulted when I write my autobiography and call it “Sitting In The Abyss”
      Consider in an “homage” and not “theft”

      • dorismontgomery

        This will be the least read autobiography of all time.

  • DFrye

    Seasons In The Abyss

  • theyachtmaster

    If you enjoy this beer, I also highly recommend a special drink you can make at home. First, burn an old pallet in a trash barrel, then fill it with equal parts molasses, motor oil, old coffee grounds, and brandy. Then hold your head under the surface and inhale until you start to see the pretty colors.

    • blochead4real

      And all the Bend-ites gasped in horror at what had become of their native son.