The world is crazy, man – like the time Sum 41 got caught up in some gunfire in the Congo.

Sum 41 achieved massive success in their home nation of Canada. Let me go in too deep on this one for a sec (lol). One time, during a live performance of Sum 41 on MuchMusic, lead singer Deryk Whibley stuck an errant Adidas sneaker into the back pocket of his jean shorts. They had achieved a level of popularity where they could get away with that kind of shit.

Some say, “Hey man, that band is shit.” I get it. “Fat Lip,” the Beastie Boy-biting punk-rock-rap-turd cut from their debut full length All Killer No Filler is hard to listen to, despite being a massive hit at the time. It hasn’t aged well. Several aspects of the band have not aged well, tbh 🔥🔥🔥

Anyway, as mentioned, the boys were caught up in the Congo when some gunfire broke out and a fella named Chuck rescued them. So the boys named their second LP, Chuck, after this fella. A nice gesture. The boys pooped out a couple trite singles (“Pieces,” “Some Say”) on the LP, which are harmless. They kind of sound like Coldplay. The album is fairly derivative.

I mean…

…it’s not great.

Anyway, they did include one diamond on this baby. And while it borrows liberally from “Chop Suey!” (I read that on wikipedia and it’s true. This is my citation.), it stands as their shiniest diamond in the turd: “We’re All to Blame.”

The video might not be cool. Or maybe it’s chill?

But the boys got serious on this cut. No doubt their experience in the Congo changed them. Indeed, they thought they were going to die. Whibley said as much in that wikipedia article I mentioned earlier. The lyrics reflect this increased mortality. Whereas in the past the boys would shoot up a Pizza Pizza with Super Soakers and were generally Blink-182’s less cool step-cousin, here the fellas dip into some more mature subject matter. The message, while vague, seems timely in these tumultuous times. They probably wrote it with George W in mind. Maybe they recently watched The Corporation. But whatever the inspiration, I’m grateful, because it’s one hell of a diamond (in the turd).



  • Blochead4real

    I love this feature. And this is a damn fine song.

  • lobster man

    Maybe I just wasn’t paying attention but I really don’t remember a hole lot of people going crazy for sum 41 like blink 182. Not even now with the waves of nostalgia coming in. There may be a reason for that.

  • Caleb Tripp

    what is canada?

    • Blochead4real

      I asked Lemon. He told me “the place where dreams come true”