I hit my teens at the tail end of the 90’s. I had older siblings who would try to put me on the good shit, and I did purchase Superunknown (strictly for “Spoonman”) and Pretty Hate Machine (strictly for “Head Like a Hole”), but I wasn’t with it. Around ’96 I was given a mixtape that had some bangers (Beck’s “Where It’s At,” Butthole Surfer’s “Pepper”) including “The Sweater Song.” I remember thinking that it was funny, for reasons I didn’t understand. The guitar was queasy, which was chill, and that Matt Sharp’s ad-libs were annoying and also funny in an Adam Sandler-gibberish-voice kind of way, which was tight.

I forgot about the boys for about 3 years, until I truly discovered the (pantaloon) pleasure of Blue Album and Pinkerton around grade 9. You’re thinking, “who cares?” Fair, fair. But then there was the SS2K demos, the build up to Green Album, the self-imposed forced liking of Green Album, and the build up to Maladroit, which was freakishly created with the help of fans via the Rivers Correspondence Board. Dark days. Now a lot of people will say that Maladroit is better than Green. Maybe they’re right. Where the Green album was a bottle of bleach, Maladroit is the chicken bacteria in the sink (that’s a tight analogy). But it’s got some jambs, man (“Slob,” “Take Control,” [watch for when Rivers says “yoooo” at the end of the choruses] and “Fall Together,” I guess).

None of this is relevant. Just wanted to flex my weezer knowledge. Album 5 demo “Queen of the Earth” ? TEST ME.

Then, Weezer released Make Believe. P4k suggested that it retroactively ruined Blue and Pinkerton (and rated “0.4” – fuckouttahere with that less than 0.5). General consensus is that Make Believe is not good. Low on heaters, and some might argue it has not aged well…


There is one exquisite diamond in this turd, and that is “This is Such a Pity.”

Speaks for itself. Sounds tight. Sounds like the Cars. Kinda sounds like the Strokes, in a way. Synths knock it out of the park. Rivers can’t hit those notes live, so you know its special.

Then the boys recorded Raditute four years later, the socks-and-flip-flops of albums, and they largely gave up.

So it goes.


  • Padfoot24

    “Rivers can’t hit those notes live so you know it’s special.”


  • Blochead4real

    I’m looking forward to the eventual “Diamonds In The Turd” playlist.

    • Donnytilla

      It can be the first unauthorized compact disc complication for blocland. My old dell has a CD burner. We’ll be kings

      • Doris Montgomery

        still w8ng

        • Don

          CDs too expensive better go minidiscs

  • Cooolin

    In all sincerity … this is one of my favorite regular features on any music website ever.

  • Saul_Wright

    If you frequented the All Things Not Weezer message board in the early 2000s, I probably know you. Also, seeing Weezer in a tiny club right before the Green Album came out will forever be one of the best concerts of my life. I never could’ve imagined where they’d end up.

    • Donnytilla

      Small world! I definitely spent hours on those boards. I wish I could remember my user name. I kind of forgot how many hours of my life I spent on there… man.

      • Saul_Wright

        Man, I can’t remember my username either. That forum was the first place I really hung out with strangers online so it’ll always mean something to me.

        • Blochead4real

          SAME. (jk jk jk jk jk jk jk j………………..k)

  • Donnytilla

    Thank you all you give me strength

  • theyachtmaster

    Donny you need to tag all of these together so that we find them easily

    • Donnytilla

      Excellent idea – dori took care of it

  • DFrye

    This is a great concept.