Last November I saw Sampha play in a janky theater in Downtown LA. We saw Father John Misty just lounging outside the venue as we walked in, and Emile Haynie circulating throughout the crowd. But name dropping isn’t very cool. Oprah told me that, once.

Anyway, it was an amazing, heartrending show. We’ve been waiting for this album ever since we heard Sampha all over SBTRKT’s big album. Now it’s finally here and it rules.

One particular album highlight – around the 1:55 mark on “Reverse Faults” I get chills every time.

Please enjoy.


  • Blochead4real

    I’ve got shitty speakers at work. But when I turn this way up it’s really shoegaze-y

    • theyachtmaster

      It’s a personal Yachtmaster pick, doesn’t need to reflect the entire staff.

      Also, you declare a new AOTY every two weeks, so ur just jealous

      • Blochead4real

        I was just looking for an excuse to use “Sampha Clause”

  • Ryan Gregson

    This is good! I’ll be returning to this

  • lobster man

    It is pretty great.

  • AJ Howard

    It’s very good, but I think I like the Syd album better.

    • Blochead4real

      Vicious comment. But will just have to grin and bare it.

      • DFrye

        I totally get this joke!

        • Blochead4real

          Both parts?