It is with mixed feelings that I bring you this hotly anticipated (but confusingly un-buzzed about) playlist.

Last year, I wanted to make a rock ‘n’ roll playlist for the summer. I didn’t get very far before I realized I needed to bring in the big guns. I messaged scruffy on Spotify and before I knew it, my little rock ‘n’ roll playlist had tripled in size thanks to scruffy’s additions. After giving it my famous sequencing touch, “Lifevests & Helmets” was born.

It was a 2016 smash hit.

Naturally, when 2017 rolled around, specifically when the new Japandroids album dropped, I instantly started thinking about The Sequel. I contacted scruffy through Spotify and we were both on the same page and thinking ahead to titles and songs for L&H2. We agreed we wouldn’t start official work until April and May with the goal of once again posting it on the First Day of Summer.

But then the Spotify messaging feature went kapoof, as did scruffy and my line of communication. I started scrambling, reaching out to Blocland boss Doris for an e-mail address that did reconnect scruffy & I, but not for long. scruffy had warned me he was going to be incredibly busy going into June, so I started work myself. As May started ticking by, I had painted myself in a corner and was looking for some more assistance from scruffy. I made posts on Stereogum looking for him, and would eventually hear from him, though it was unexpected news. I won’t divulge personal details, but scruffy had LIFE to deal with, so I would handle the VESTS and HELMETS.

So as excited as I am to share this playlist, I have to say this: I wish scruffy had more involvement with it. Life happens to all of us in waves, so I understand that the timing didn’t work out this time. The good news is that I learned so much from scruffy last year that I feel I have kept in step with the energy from the first “Lifevests & Helmets”. So many of these bands were found combing through scruffy’s playlists, grabbing new songs from bands that were on the first playlist, etc.

Needless to say, it’s the First Day of Summer today. Without further ado, I present to you, the ever so esteemed Blocland community, with:

Lifevests & Helmets 2: Safety Second

  • Blochead4real

    Do not think for a moment I don’t get the repeat of the callback move on songs #1 and #2 from volume 1 of this series. Because, motherfucker, I CAN DEAL!!!!

    • raptor jesus

      I remember jamming “Can You Deal?” and having that vocal line stuck in my head for weeks, then a light bulb went on and I asked myself, “Do Black Sabbath have instrumental tracks?”

      Of course they do.

      • Blochead4real

        I was pretty dismissive of Bleached. Sure “Sour Candy” is a monster. But thought that was as good as they could get. But the latest EP was a beast and “Can You Deal” is sooooo fucking good.

    • Cooolin

      Raptor learned from the best.

  • LeMonjello

    that’s just a great subtitle.

    • raptor jesus

      You can thank scruffy for the subtitle.

      • theyachtmaster

        I never wore a helmet as a child and I turned out fine. I turned out fine. I turned out fine.

  • lobster man

    It makes me VERY happy that you kicked this off with Sabbath and included the best song in that Japandroids album. It’s cold and raining here but lifevests and helmets will endure.

    • lobster man

      Ah! And ended it with Sabbath too!

    • Saul_Wright

      It’s really fuckin cold and rainy down here in Chile but I am still gonna let this playlist whisk me away to a magical land of flip-flops and micheladas.

      Also, I love it when playlists have bookend tracks and I love Black Sabbath so A+ work.

      • DFrye

        Shit it’s winter where ya at!

        • Saul_Wright

          It’s hella winter, man.

        • DFrye

          Got so excited by WETTER AND HARDER I prematurely………hit send. Get your minds out of the gutter.

          I was actually thinking of heading to Valle Nevado at the end of August since my board didn’t touch snow once this winter. Whether that plan turns to reality remains to be seen.

  • Doris Montgomery

    Forever grateful to this playlist for introducing me to the menzingers