Today while you slather gravy over pipping hot taters and gaze upon a turkey’s carcass greased up like a WWE champion, know that we at Blocland are giving various thanks, and a big one is owed to our readers.

Where ever you are and whom ever you are with we hope that you are surrounded by happiness, love and gratitude.

That today brings you the same feeling as does looping your car around the block just to listen to the rest of that song before heading in for the night.

That today you embrace those dear to you and hold them a few seconds longer.

That today, if you find you are alone- you feed and nurture your soul with a kindness you deserve to give yourself.

Lastly, we appreciate you for sticking with us when we only could offer you half a hotdog, no bun, in the snowdrifts of Blocfest.

Thank you and Happy Thanksgiving



(Sara Lee we could use a sponsor)



  • lobster man

    Gobble gobble ya’ll!

  • Cooolin

    This is beautiful, Pants. See what you’ve been missing, SARA LEE?!?!