Sometimes it’s nice to do nothing on a Friday night!  It’s actually pretty cool to just “stay in” once in a while and listen to a little music.  Or even better, you have that guitar and a Logic rig…go see how many times you can rhyme “time” with “mine” in a new song!  Make it nice and mopey.   Sure, you have places you could be, but being all alone is great too.  Really, it’s great!  You’re definitely not a loser.  You’re doing something creative and fun!  Stop it!

You’re plenty social.  What’s wrong with a little “you” time?   You can see your friends next week and you totally will.  Ok, if the song’s going well, you can use next Friday night to try to finish it.  MAYBE Saturday if it’s the best thing you ever wrote. But then see your friends.  Now go grab that guitar and write something you’ll only let your brother hear!

Here’s a little inspiration…


  • Ryan Gregson

    I totally have places I could be!

  • Cooolin

    You used to be mine
    But you ran out of time
    But if we had more time
    You’d still be mine

    Okay cool, now what do I do?

  • Doris Montgomery

    What about Wednesdays?

    • raptor jesus

      “What About Wednesday” was, FOR REAL, a made-up emo band name my friends and I came up with in 2005 during emo primetime.

      “Pillowcase Boy” was our other good one.

  • DFrye

    I wish I saw this before caressing my liver into oblivion Frye-day night. Maybe I wouldn’t still be hungover on Sunday.