Blocland rewards hard work. Glenn has been consistently outpacing his peers on almost every level.

We have decided to raise Glenn’s shrimp from 6 per hour to 10 per hour. He deserves it.

In contrast Bloc’s shrimp count is going to be reduced by 20%.

  • Ryan Gregson

    Keep it up, and you’ll be earning your weight in corn, Glenn!

  • Cooolin


  • Saul_Wright

    Possible site-wide revamp – Glennland?

  • DFrye

    The second n stands for “n00b”. He’s getting that waistband stretched to his ears. Guy can afford that fancy Michael Jordan underwear now.

  • Blochead4real

    Are y’all reading between the lines? Glenn’s hourly shrimp rate is going from 6 to 10. My shrimp rate is being cut by 20%. Now I know it’s tacky and vulgar to discuss wages but this is an exception. See I make 20 shrimp an hour. And this decrease takes me to 16 shrimp. SEE?!!? Doris is taking my 4 shrimp and effectively giving them to fucking Glenn. This feels like Obamacare.

    • Cooolin

      Bloc, you can have one of my shrimp.

      • Blochead4real

        As much as I know you mean that in the kindest way it kinda makes me wonder how many shrimp you are making if you are willing to give me one of yours. Like are you making 30 fucking shrimp an hour and you found out I’m getting cut back to 16 so “fuck it” you’ll throw ol’ bloc a bone? Jesus I wish I hadn’t waded into these waters.

        • Cooolin

          No Bloc, it’s not like that! You know it’s a federal crime for me to tell you exactly how much shrimp I make … but rest assured I make no more shrimp than you and this is only to combat a gross injustice.

    • Doris Montgomery

      Yr pres got in stop blaming myne