A small story about some pigs taking over a farm. Sounds like a kid’s book right? Wrong.

“Glenn Orwell 1948” is much more than a simple “kid’s” book. It’s a subversive look into politics of today, tomorrow and yesterday. Which is why it still holds so much relevance today, tomorrow and yesterday with the election of Darnell Trump who beat out Clinton for president.

The influx in sales has the publisher saying “we need to print more but Staples is out of stock of the ink we use for our printer so we have to wait a couple days for it to ship.”

What book will be the next unexpected bestseller? Let us know in the comments.

  • Blochead4real


    • Doris Montgomery

      this is from the AP news wire

  • LeMonjello

    It’s great people are reading about history again, if we don’t know our past, it’ll happen again and we’ll lose all our great tech.

  • meat

    the bit about “little sister” is especially eye-opening

  • AJ Howard

    I thought it was Glenn Gary Glen Orwell 1948?
    Coffee is for winners Snowball.