The Killers have always been more of a so-called “singles band.” Hot Fuss was a solid debut with canonical singles (“Mr Brightside” still slays, fam), but does anyone listen to “Andy, You’re A Star” in 2017? Likewise, Sam’s Town was a strange soup with a few stellar tracks floating among bland, flavorless musical broth. The Killers began digging a grave of self-parody on their next two albums, and it seemed like frontman Brandon Flowers (not NFL cornerback Brandon Flowers, ya goons) was embarking on a mediocre solo career.

I’m not sure if The Killers went to pop-rock rehab (which heartbreakingly couldn’t save our beloved Incubus), but they’ve returned with two singles that somehow … well, they work! They’re not “bloccy” by any means, but The Killers have maintained enough relevance and festival-circuit success that they can get away without making anything earth-shattering. They are truly awful when they take themselves too seriously, and thankfully, on groovy-as-hell sing-along “The Man,” they sound like they’re finally having some fun. They use fucking vocoder! The hook might be super corny but damn if isn’t the slickest of earworms.

“Run For Cover” is a more stripped-back, straight-forward alt-rock anthem. The lyrics are clumsy, but the chorus comes closer to hitting that Springsteen sweet spot than the face palm-inducing efforts on Sam’s Town. Cool artwork, too.

So, Blocland faithful, this new music from The Killers … Is It Good? I’m thrilled to say that — for the first time in my beloved “Is It Good?” series — whadyaknow, IT’S GOOD!

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Those Katy Perry tracks, on the other hand … still garbage.

  • raptor jesus

    I listened to “Andy, You’re A Star” last week! It still wrecks shoppe!

    • Cooolin

      Way to shit all over my thesis.

  • Doris Montgomery

    Was recently commenting on how great Brandon Flowers’ “The Desired Effect” is. MB top 5 of 15

    • Cooolin

      Even in his solo stuff, he’s a singles artist for me.