I apologize to my throngs of fans1 for my relative silence lately. Life throws you curveballs. But not the hanging curveballs you can whack out of the park — the curveballs you whiff at over and over again.2 However, I’ve on my fifth listen of this gorgeous electro-pop gem, so I thought I’d throw out this one out there. It’s masterfully produced, while singer Nandi Rose Plunkett comes through with a stunning, smooth, seductive chorus that has cast a spell on me this morning. Probably should call in sick.

Apparently she has an LP out in 2018 that I am now quite psyched to hear.

  1. and our dear leader Doris, praise be
  2. should I continue to belabor this analogy?
  • DFrye

    Wait ’til you get a load of my metal-themed electro-pop project, Hoof Waif. No? Alright.
    I have been throwing up a lot lately and am pretty much Full Waif now. Shit. Let’s try another angle…

    My doctor usually sees me about 30 minutes after my scheduled appointment time but I only waited 15 minutes last week. It was a Half Wait.
    Hell yeah.

    • LeMonjello

      nailed it

    • Cooolin

      The journey was as marvelous as the destination

      • DFrye

        Seriously, I like this tune.

        • Cooolin

          Issa BOP!

    • lobster man

      Keep going!