Happy Pi Day to the thousands of Blocland Readers!

We at Pizza Hut take Pi Day seriously. We may work with pi’s everyday ;).

Why not order a Pizza Hut Pi to celebrate? It’s so easy. Just order in the comments and a Pi will be on its way!

And always remember “Munch Responsibly”

  • Cooolin

    Ordered a pi three weeks ago and still waiting. What gives? Did JEANINE take it?!

    • Blochead4real

      What did Jeanine do to you? Why does everybody shit on Jeanine? Jeanine makes good chowder.

      • Cooolin

        Get me a bucket of Jeanine’s chowder and I’ll consider forgiving her for this.

      • DFrye

        Jeanine’s chowder fucking sucks and so does Jeanine. She ain’t got shit on my chicken corn chowder with bacon and scallions.