How do you feel about it? I certainly like it. It’s got that certain “classy and sophisticated” as well as “bloody and drippy” look that individually are easy to pull off. But to combine the two is nigh on impossible. It’s an alchemy that has bewitched the artsy types since the dawn of dawn. Our graphic arts team is second to none. I don’t even wanna guess how much shrimp Doris is paying Lobsterman for his talents.

As you contemplate the merits of the new “Face Of Blocland” check out some fucking Motörhead. Cuz you do not listen to enough Motörhead. And while your listening take a moment and ask yourself “Is this punk or is this metal?” History doesn’t give Motörhead enough credit for this accomplishment.

And while we’re at it you don’t listen to enough PC Music. You don’t and you fucking know it. So take the just shy of 10 minutes required and listen to Motorhead and A.G. Cook. Little known fact; listening to those two sequentially keeps the Earth on it’s axis. Yup. True.

And here’s a neat pic of a shrimpy!!!!

Ain’t it just adorable?

  • Doris Montgomery

    <3 shrimp <3

  • lobster man

    Thanks Bloc! I’m beaming over here.

    Snagged a pic of Glenn’s earnings for this.

  • Cooolin

    I’ve been away seething for many days, but the new banner has brought much joy to my life.