Welp. Another week conquered and the weekend is upon us. Which is probably similar to what Selena Gomez goes through on a nightly basis. But I digress…………(#dadjokes) Considering most of us have pretty severe drinking problems let’s delve into our drinking plans. I’m hitting some homebrew IPA and hemp BIPA tonight and then tomorrow Blocher and myself are going on a hike with some sangwitches and a Sour In The Rye from The Bruery. Which is her favorite beer. And for me remains THE bad boy in the “Holy fuck this beer is tart” sweepstakes.

Chime in down in the comments and tell me of your planned debauchery. Let’s be safe out there.

  • Doris Montgomery

    I’m too ashamed.

    • Blochead4real

      It’s fucking PBR, isn’t it? Jesus man……….

      • Cooolin

        Stop the beer-shaming!

  • DFrye

    I had a few Brooklyn Lager’s and a couple Tullamore Dew’s. Not fancy but still satisfying. Brooklyn Brewery makes a quality beer. I’m toasty and digging deep on bandcamp at home now. Enjoy the hike! And the beers!

    I may go see Buzzoven and Unearthly Trance tomorrow night but I’m definitely seeing Alcest and The Body Sunday with meat. It’s gonna be sweeeeeet.

  • meat

    i drank half a glass of water that i poured yesterday. it tasted “less than”.

  • Cooolin

    I had a hoppy blonde rye from a local brewery last night and it was sensational. I am very into beers that can get the “rye” part rye-ight.

    How does the rye come through in that sour, Bloc?

    • Blochead4real

      It’s a light rye. It’s just so f’ing tart I don’t know why they bother. It’s like telling me you used a sprig of thyme in a 100 IBU Triple IPA.

      • Cooolin

        I hate to see good rye wasted like that.

  • lobster man

    One of Michigan’s finest, New Belgium Fat Tire. She’s an amber ale.