It’s Jeanine’s birthday. She wanted an ice cream party. Come say hello and sing happy birthday!

Jeanine only likes strawberry ice cream. That’s why there is only strawberry ice cream.

Please pretend to like strawberry ice cream for Jeanine. Have one bowl. There are sprinkles.

The sprinkles are strawberry flavored too.

We are out of plastic spoons and only have forks to eat the ice cream with. Jeanine forgot to order spoons.

You are required to attend. Wear a funny hat.


  • Blochead4real

    Happy Bday, J-Bird!!!!!! Thanks for all you do up there in Marketing. You guys are killin it.

  • theyachtmaster

    She always takes my yogurt from the break room fridge, even when I write my name on the lid. I hope she chokes on her sprinkles.

    • Doris Montgomery

      This is inappropriate and offensive. Come see me in my office.

      • Blochead4real

        I was trying to be nice but Yacht is right. She steals food all the time. Also she doesn’t light a match when she’s “done”. Is gross

  • lobster man

    Don’t forget to meet up with Roland. He has a card for everyone to sign and he’s collecting money to put towards her Applebees gift card.

    • Doris Montgomery

      Shit! I just saw this. Now I look like an asshole

      • lobster man

        I wrote a little message and signed it “the editorial staff” to cover our butts. I only threw in a dollar because no one gave me a straight answer for what an appropriate amount would be. I hear applebee’s does something called “half off apps”? What’s the going rate for an app?

  • meat

    she just peeked her head into my cubical and literally said “happy friday”. i’m sitting this one out.