The girl from the song “Hey Nineteen” will be turning 56 sometime this year, unless she has already done so. The times, oh how they fly. The editorial staff at Blocland would like to extend many happy returns to the the former Ms. Nineteen. Celebrate her birthday with the Cuervo Gold and the finest Colombian.

Also, how does someone who was a kid in the late 60s not know who Aretha Franklin is?

  • Doris Montgomery

    What’s our stance on Steely Dan?

    • DFrye

      You didn’t ask me but standing over a steely dan might be too thorny an issue to penetrate, even for this site.

      • DFrye

        Ok for real now. Steely Dan is one of my all time favorite classic rock bands. They were creepy before FJM was even a glimmer in his daddy’s eyeballs.

        • Blochead4real

          Steely Dan and ELO, although wildly different, still sound great to me.

    • AJ Howard

      We’re Steely Danaanites.

  • Cooolin

    True story. If you ask my mother about her least favorite band of all time, she will say “Steely Dan” without hesitation.
    Personally I think they a’ight.

    • Blochead4real

      I enjoy stories about your mom.

  • Captain Swallows

    Takes me back