Hello Blocland Faithful.

I am thrilled to introduce our newest team member: Auto Post Bot.

Auto Post Bot is the future of Web Content and Blocland. Auto Post Bot  was developed by Blocland’s award winning R&D team with the purpose of posting high quality content in a streamlined and affordable manner. Auto Post Bot takes the mundane out of blog posts.

Auto Post Bot runs on a highly effective and complex algorithm based on Blocland users web habits.  Auto Post Bot calculates and posts. This is Auto Post Bot’s existence. Auto Post Bot has no opinions therefore it will only post facts.

Auto Post Bot is Post-Blog.

We are very excited to have Auto Post Bot on the team. All employees will now be evaluated in comparison with Auto Post Bot. All employees will also be evaluated by Auto Post Bot. Auto Post Bot will not hesitate to fire you.

Auto Post Bot


  • lobster man

    A machine will never be able to match the hotness of my takes.

    • Saul_Wright

      Remember when it happens @disqus_aJ5UqT44Hj:disqus, you’re not being fired, you’re graduating to other opportunities outside of blocland.com

  • Blochead4real

    Fuck this. She’s a tyrant. A GOTT DAMMED TYRANT. I will not sit around and worry about whether or not this ..this….ROBOT is gonna take my job. I refuse. Also, I liked Jeanine. And I miss chowder day.

    • Cooolin

      What if I told you Auto Post Bot makes a mean cup o’ chowda?

      • Blochead4real

        Well that would certainly temper my rage.

        • Doris Montgomery

          Auto Post Bot currently has zero installed recipes

  • meat

    stop saying auto post bot in there

    • Doris Montgomery

      Google SEO

  • DFrye

    Auto Post Bot does other things if you’re nice to it. Sexy things. Just an fyi.

    • Blochead4real

      Well that would certainly temper my rage.