I didn’t want to heard this album. I would have been really OK with the Shins ending with the aggressively OK Port of Morrow.

I really hate the song “Name For You,” and the choice to use it as an opening track (normally a highlight on any given Shins album) baffles me. In fact, the first three songs on Heartworms are, on average, kinda butt. Like almost as butt as the mere suggestion watching Garden State after graduating high school. And because of that I didn’t make it through them on my first attempt to heard this album.

Luckily, I decided to try again. This time I was busy as fuck at work, which meant I was able to tune out that block of BS slapped onto the beginning on what happens to be 3/4 of a pretty damn good Shins album. Like it’s not great, but it’s also not “I’ve heard it” mediocre either. It’s more like “I’ve heard it, and I’m actually pretty glad I did! I might even listen to it again!”

It’s not gonna change yr life, but then again Natalie Portman is never going to look at you like this:


But that’s why we have .gifs and skip buttons. So just take what you can get and get and enjoy it.  By that I mean, start this album on track 4, and chill. I’ve taken it upon myself to cut the first three tracks of Heartworms below.

  • lobster man

    I watched Garden State back before it completely fell out of favor and I absolutely hated it. Pretty much everything Natalie Portman and Zak Braff said made me cringe and I just wanted to smack Braff in his stupid doughy face.

    I’ve never been crazy for The Shins but maybe I’ll give a few tracks a listen.

  • Doris Montgomery

    Port of Morrow has Simple Song. One of my all time favorites. Is that song on here?

  • Doris Montgomery

    album art is neat o

    • DFrye