I had the pleasure of seeing Jay Som this evening at Salt Lake’s own Kilby Court, a charming shed-in-an-alley venue downtown. Jay Som’s music comes at you in waves. Grooves and melodies that ebb and flow, and propel with a rippled ease. We all sang along to ‘But I like the bus!’, and they played my favorite, Baybee. They sounded great. On my way back to my car I spotted Melina Duterte of Jay Som taking a break outside the venue. I rudely interrupted her for a quick interview and she kindly played along. Seriously, I was a bit nervous as you’ll hear, but she could not have been nicer. Sure, I’ve heard of those who’ve attempted to be nicer, but they have surely failed, because there is no nicer than she was.

Also, it was a dark alley.

Presenting LeMonjello’s 1st extra spooky Selfie-Interview (Selfieview? Selferview?).



  • DFrye

    This is pretty darn neat.

  • lobster man

    This is really cool my dude. And don’t worry you sound like a pro.

    • lobster man

      Which you are.

      • LeMonjello

        Well, maybe when Doris pays me.

        • Doris Montgomery

          Funds are not yet “liquid”

  • Cooolin

    Well damn … I always pronounced it as “lemon Jello.”

    But whatever, this is great and she seems like a delightful human being (whether she “looks” like one is still up for debate). We should aim to do more of these.

  • Doris Montgomery

    Lemonjello is the voice of blocland if we start an AM radio broadcast

  • Blochead4real

    Perhaps the most on #brand moment in site history.

  • Saul_Wright

    This is the kind of content Blocland needs. Great work.