We need you to secure an interview with James Hetfield. 

You can leave once this is taken care of.



  • Blochead4real

    Whew. Off the hook on this one. Thanks boss

    Tough break, Lobby

  • Cooolin

    I’m really looking forward to this interview and would be DEVASTATED if it failed to materialize.

    • meat

      we have a backup. lars has already confirmed….it’s just, well, you know…

      • lobster man

        I don’t even think anyone asked him.

        • DFrye

          I asked Ron McGovney. Still waiting.

          • lobster man

            I expect illuminating questions on Phantasm.

          • DFrye

            I’m gonna push for a Leather Charm reunion.

  • lobster man

    Guys… We finished the interview an hour ago and he just won’t leave. He’s now making me watch Some Kind of Monster and he won’t stop talking about Napster.