If you haven’t been living under an wifi-resistant rock, you’ve probably read our revelatory review of Father John Misty’s newest record album, Pure Comedy. 

What you may not know, is that in order to facilitate the early-listening sesh, the man Josh Tillman himself sat down with our very own Blocland over drinks for an additional content generating interview. Sadly, many drinks were had and Bloc forgot to start the tape recorder. The subsequent mutual blackout means that this landmark interview will be lost forever to the annals of history. That is, unless he wants to reschedule.

What does remain, though, is one mysterious cocktail napkin we found stuffed into Bloc’s jacket pocket as he stumbled into the office the next morning. What does it mean? Only time will tell.


  • Doris Montgomery

    fjm napkin greater than the zapruder film

  • Brandon Rhodes

    Fever Joke Maybe

    • Doris Montgomery

      Welcome Weary Traveller