Effective immediately there will be no more windows at Blocland HQ. You are now required to stare at the wall.

The board at Blocland has decided to sell all Blocland HQ windows to make up for the lack of advertisement revenue. Our deal with Wilson’s Wheelbarrow Wheelpair has not been as profitable as projected. Expect more budget cuts if the content does not improve. You have been warned.

The board ran cost analysis models and determined that selling windows would generate the most profit. Windows are superfluous and you will not miss them.

We will begin distributing new employee handbooks tomorrow at lunch. They will go into further detail on the change. You must sign the last page and return it to HR before end of day.

You will be granted ten minutes of wall time every day.

Enjoy your new walls.


Also Jeanine has been terminated. Please wish her and her children best of luck in there journey. It will be a difficult one.

  • Blochead4real

    Drastic times call for drastic measures. Side note, this philosophy has worked out for Jehovah Witnesses for decades. Windows are overrated. I’m also kinda turned on by walls. Win/Win

  • DFrye

    There is a name for that kind of “wall”. They’re usually found in saunas, bath houses, and seem to spontaneously appear late-night in parks. So I have been told.

  • Cooolin

    Jeanine was the WORST. This is really her fault. I wish her a sad, pathetic, window-less existence and nothing but beige walls forever.