Good morning to all of you. It’s July 3rd and I’m inexplicably at work. My plumbing is garbage and I have to pay some man who is much more man than I can dream of being to make it work again. My night of slumber was anything but. Suffice it to say my mood is not reminiscent of rainbows and unicorns.
And now I see our POTUS has made a video where he beats the shit out of “CNN” There’s enough nastiness coming at me today to take me down, gang. I’ve got 3 kids, a grandkid, and another one due any day now. And I worry about our nation constantly. We can’t make American great again if it never truly was great. But I have to believe it can be great. That each of us can strive to make ourselves better and through that collectively make this nation better. Now, more than ever, we need to try and love our country. Because the thing that could make it great is believing the best is yet to come despite all evidence to the contrary. Rising above the baseness of our POTUS is so important right now. I know I come off as trite. But right now being genuinely decent to each other matters. I don’t know why but I know it to be true. So with that in mind I say “peace and happiness be with all of you today”

So with that pithy little spiel out of the way……how about a collaborative playlist? Some feel good kinda thing? It’s our nations birthday tomorrow. Let’s kick out some yams. Slap a couple on here. Any genre yer little heart desires. Whatever “America” means to you……..

  • Cooolin

    “Our POTUS has made a video where he beats the shit out of “CNN””
    Of all the things Cheez-It swamp monster has done, this one is the most beyond surreal.

    Also, awesome write-up, dude. I need to make a habit of reminding myself of all the great things America still has going for it.

  • meat