While no one is looking, P.C. Music continues to steamroll through its pop contemporaries, long having transcended its tongue-in-cheek, ironic inception. Right now we are feverishly anticipating SOPHIE’s new album, and the new single “Faceshopping” just ratchets up the hype. The production is typical SOPHIE — industrial, cacophonous, and insane, yet SOPHIE’s musical instinct transforms these sounds into something captivating. And that sticky vocal hook — “My face is the front of shop” with a perfect, sassy little pop at the end of “shop” — is artfully weaved amongst the noise.

Meanwhile, the prince of P.C. Music, Danny L. Harle, continues to bat 1.0001 with another excellent single. His brand of quirky pop is more accessible than SOPHIE’s off-the-wall craziness, but it sounds no less fresh, and “Blue Angel” is a fine addition to Danny’s catalog. It’s not a high-tempo bop like “1UL“, but Danny is a master at the slow-burner. This is one of his best yet. I love how the icy, sparkling synths collide with the warmth of Clairo’s vocal performance, making this an ideal soundtrack for the winter thaw.

SOPHIE’s first proper album, Whole New World, is supposedly out this month.

  1. this is a baseball reference