And then pulled his girlfriend’s little pigtails and kicked his goldfish

  • Blochead4real

    I was driving home from work and got stuck at a light in front of the local middle school. This playlist was out by the bike racks yelling “Yeah, ya pussy. Let’s do this”

    I locked my doors and drove on. I’ve got a family to think about.

    • theyachtmaster

  • lobster man

    This playlist took my lunch money.

    • lobster man

      Also, this is a really fucking great playlist. Listen to Prurient, people!

      • theyachtmaster

        Sorry I deleted it it was fucking my flow up

  • Cooolin

    That penultimate track has one of the best videos of this decade.

  • raptor jesus

    I was just thinking today, “Does anybody still care about Nouns?”

    Happy to see that indeed, people do still care.

    “Keechie” is one of the best album instrumentals of this young century.

    • theyachtmaster

      Nouns is a classic