The glue in the supply closet is all we have left. Please do not use any of it until more comes in. 

I need the rest of the glue for a project I am completing tomorrow. Please do not use the glue.

We had plenty yesterday but someone used multiple bottles today to hang Valentines Decorations. This is excessive and messy. There are hundreds of cutout hearts glued to the walls. Cards would have been enough.

The glue is sticking to the walls and we don’t know how to remove it. Who did this?

Please contact if you have any information on who used the glue or how to remove the glue.

Thank you and please do not use the glue. I need it.


  • meat

    it’s not glue ; )

    • DFrye

      You’ve discovered the disgusting truth behind my hand habits.

  • Cooolin

    Good grief guys, I really thought ditching Jeanine would take care of this crap.