Please welcome our new hire Glenf. Glenf will be the head of our HR department. He will be replacing the late Glenn.

Glenf comes to us from GQ. He was the head of their HR department for 1 year. He brings a lot of valuable experience and insight to the team.

Make sure to stop by his office and introduce yourself!

  • Saul_Wright

    You didn’t bury Glenn in the pet cemetery, did you?

    • DFrye

      Shut it down. Winner.

  • Blochead4real

    Wait. Is it Glenn F? Or Glenf? I feel like we’re being set up to look like fools when we meet the new head of HR.

    • Doris Montgomery


      • Cooolin

        Pronounced “GlenFFFFFFFFFFF”

  • Cooolin

    I like this guy! GLENF!

  • LeMonjello

    Does anyone else think Glenf looks eerily familiar?

    • Doris Montgomery

      Like a better looking Jon Hamm?