We have an extensive “drafts” folder full of posts that didn’t quite make it to press. Here they are:


  • BaBa-Gate – Welp, We Really Blew It This Time
  • I’ve Heard It: Charly Bliss
  • That’s A Rap: Hip-Hop for Summer ’17
  • (no title)
  • The XX – “
  • I’ve heard it: Creed the movie
  • Worst to Best: Vanilla Ice’s Digs in the ’91 Classic “Cool As Ice”
  • Future Pollution, Today!
  • It’s April the 6th and y’all still don’t have yr shit together.
  • New Metal Band “Cod Smack” declares
  • Donald, Go Listen To Radiohead
  • Voices From the Lake? Hell
  • We are the enemy of the American Public
  • I Upvote Myself
  • Just A Quick Reminder


Maybe this post should have stayed in drafts as well?




  • lobster man

    Well what about the xx?

  • Cooolin

    You’ll get Vanilla Ice after I return from my well-earned administrative leave.

  • Padfoot24

    That Creed: the movie review is a lost masterpiece. Too bad I’m out of ludes otherwise I’d finish hearding it.

  • DFrye

    Guess which post was a tribute to the Divinyls. And self love.

  • Blochead4real

    “BaBa-Gate – Welp, We Really Blew It This Time” needs to be fleshed out. BaBa deserves to know the truth.

    • Cooolin


  • LeMonjello

    This is hilarious, honestly didn’t expect to own any of these.