There comes a time in every young player’s life when they must answer one of life’s many metaphysical questions: “Can you take a shot?”

Shots come in many forms, especially in music songs. There be the gun shots, which go “pop-pop” when a guy need to bust a cap up in another guy. There be the liquor shots, which would be the obvious choice here, and Zaaf is an obvious dude. He doesn’t like to trip. But there’s also the third kind of shot: the shot to the #feelz you get when you feel shit.  I like to call this the Shotty Trinity.

The track starts with “this is a Yung Zaaf production” which immediately informs the listener of its authenticity and prepares them for the emotional vulnerability to come. It’s just “myself on the beat” and noself else.

His ability to sing by himself may also be because his girly left him, and it made him sing because that biddy showed up to The Party with another dude, and all he’s got is his handle of Bacardi. “You can forget about your man, cause tonight imma gonna take u back.” He tries to stay positive tho, and have a good time none the less cause “the dudes the just be chillen and the girlys lookin fly.”

But as most victims of the combination unimaginable heartbreak and Bacardi Razz know, its hard, and we find our hero lapsing into despair. “Can you hear me out? Just never say never. Give it a shot.” Clearly this line is a cry for help, trying to get back an ex, totally the inspiration for Justin biebers never say never (that hoe jacked the whole song) and ANOTHER play on the word shot. What a genius.

“Throw in some vodka cause one is not enough” is interesting because u know he already got Bacardi and soda in his cup. It’s clearly a clever statement about the black hole our consumerist society leaves at the center of our soul.

He gives up trying for his old trick, or at least tries to get his mind off her by seeking out other fly girlys. He deploys the ingenious pick up line “girl can I get your number.” Then after moments of unbearable tension “she like yeah ok” but then says something unintelligible. It’s a brilliant way to illucidate how wack it be when u try’n to get a number, but u don’t know if the girly just don’t wanna say no, or if the beatz be too loud.

Then he proclaims “Got more liquid in my system than the mother fudging Nile. Don’t we all man, don’t we all. That’s my favorite line. I drank way too much coffee today and gotta pee something fierce. If no one is in the bathroom imma bump this jam. It’ll be like I turned the men’s room into a Caddillac

“Handle of Bacardi” is the rare song that is both about drinking AND about drinking at the same time. And then, in a clever plot twist, it’s also about being drunk, which is a rare side effect of drinking that almost all of us have experienced.

Still, it’s really generous of him to share his unique affliction with us.That’s because Yung Zaaf is the most generous Yung Zaaf there ever been. No matter how sober you get, Yung Zaaf just wants to let u know he’s got a handle of Bacardifor you.

And it’s gonna get us drunk.

It’s gonna get us drunk.

It’s gonna get us drunk.

  • Ryan Gregson

    Quality. Thank you for this.

  • Blochead4real

    “There be the gun shots, which go “pop-pop” when a guy need to bust a cap up in another guy.”

    You can expect a diss track from Remy Ma OR Azealia Banks in short order. OR both.

    **blocland staff is accepting of all “bust a cap” individuals regardless of race, gender, sexual identity, religion, or other**

  • Doris Montgomery

    Better than most metal

    • DFrye

      Unprovoked. Hurtful.

      • Blochead4real

        She’s just jelly.