Denver, CO’s blackened doom merchants Primitive Man have shared the first single from their forthcoming sophomore album, Caustic, and holy fuck is it evil. Thick as tar and heavier than a bag of dinosaur shit, “My Will” imposes itself on everything in its path and leaves a trail of toxic primordial ooze in its wake. Hateful, nihilistic and without remorse, Primitive Man will stalk your waking hours and haunt your restless sleep. This is extremely low BPM, bowel-rattling sludge sickness. Why should it be in a hurry? You’re fucked and that’s just the way it goes. Seriously nasty stuff.

Caustic drops 10/6 on Relapse. Pre-order this diseased beast now.

  • meat


  • Blochead4real

    The Cramps had a 1984 compilation called “Bad Music For Bad People”

    I think we can all agree there’s a connection here.

    • DFrye

      Funny you should say that. I happened upon these guys because I was in the room moments before their set at MDF in ’14. No idea what I was about to witness, though being at MDF kinda qualifies it a bit. Anywho, prior to the show these guys were all smiles and backslaps. Hugs and kisses while they were setting up. There was a JOY in the air. The lights went down and the intimidatingly large frontman steps to the mic and bellows “LETS GET MISERABLE!!” before laying waste to the room. Some drunk guy, in his infinite wisdom, leans against me and yells to no one in particular “THAT’S how you fuckin’ sludge!”. It was impossible to disagree and smiles broke out everywhere. About halfway through, said frontman told this story about receiving the note from MDF: “I sat in front of my computer for a half hour, afraid to open that thing because it has been a dream to play here since I started making music. When I finally did, I cried for another half hour. I was so stoked. So thank you all for being here and making our dream come true!”

      Truly great people making miserable music. Fucking heartwarming shit.

  • Black Antlers

    Tis shaping up to be the year of nasty blackened doom.

  • lobster man

    Absolute FILTH