You’re probably already familiar with assault and battery auteur Kodak Black’s (real name Dieuson Octave) works like “Kick and Punching A Lady Up In Da Club” and “Trapping a Fan In A Hotel Room And Assaulting Her (For Two Hours),” but he has recently started a new chapter as a rapper.

Black has taken time between his prolific and critically admired bouts of violence against defenseless females and much hyped prison residencies to put out a collection of rap music titled  “Painting Pictures.” The abuser explores his new persona as a rapper across a variety of tracks dealing with subjects like how to pull off the perfect interview, firearms, and the struggle of looking exactly fucking like Crazy Eyes from the hit Netflix series, Orange Is The New Black.

Kodak Black, left, and actress Uzo Aduba, right.

“I feel like I’ve expressed myself fully and completely through using my fists and feet against women’s bodies. There’s not much territory I’ve left uncovered,” says the fighter-turned-rapper, though he has been known on occasion to “eat pussy” [Ed. Note: We’ve just discovered that this may be a reference to the act of cunnilingus.]

“This album is really a great work of rap music and I’m so happy for him. I feel like we are very much kindred spirits,” vouches Chris Brown, famous Rhianna abuser who later found fame as a singer and dancer. “It’s such a well rounded album, and I can hear a variety of influences, from Bill Cosby, to Oscar Pistorius, and maybe even a little OJ Simpson at times. It’s a really mature piece.”

Painting Pictures is out March 31 on Atlantic Records. Black’s previous works as a woman beater can be enjoyed at hotels, court rooms, and jails nationwide, as well as strip clubs in Miami-Dade county. 

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