PWR BTTM is gearing up to release their sophomore album, Pageant, in May. They have already impressed us here at Blocland with the barn burning lead single, “Big Beautiful Day”. Now they’ve shared with the us the video for second single, “Answer My Text”. The track concerns itself with the millenial phenomenon “ghosting”. For you olds out there, ghosting is when you do not have the common decency to tell someone you just aren’t into them so you just avoid them. It’s the mark of a truly great rock band to take something as lame as feeling ignored and turning it into something vital, urgent, and even triumphant. It’s the mark of an even greater rock band to play your own song in background of your video. Watch the manic take on 90s teen movies of a video below and get excited for Pageant. 

Pageant is out 5/12. Pre-order it from Polyvinyl Record Co.

  • Doris Montgomery

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      A very coveted tag.

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        the only

  • Saul_Wright

    This song is super catchy.

    • lobster man

      I’ve been shouting “Answer my text you dick!” in my head for the last week.

  • lobster man

    Make sure you watch their SXSW set on NPR, fam. The enthusiasm and charm is infectious.

  • Brandon Rhodes

    Who is that chick?!! SHE FOINE.