Rock’s death is declared on a pretty much weekly basis by everyone ranging from Gene Simmons and Don Henley to, most recently, David Longsrteth and Robin Pecknold. It’s a fair statement. That is, if you do the bare minimum of research and possess just a base knowledge of post 2009 music. However, every once in a while the genre produces a statement that is too perfectly wrapped in rock and roll’s essence and of the moment for any credibility to be given to rock’s detractors . Girls did it with “Lust For Life” in 2009. Just last year, Mitski pulled it out with “Your Best American Girl”. With the swagger-filled chorus “Curse that motherfucker who would spit upon another’s body/ who the hell gave you the right to tell me that I’m wrong?” PWR BTTM have now joined the argument for rock’s vitality.


PWR BTTM make it abundantly clear that they get punk rock. The genre’s entire existence is built around questioning and shaking up the perceived norm. Rock music is at it’s absolute peak when it it takes shots at the status quo and has fun doing it. That’s something we absolutely need with the current administration, but I don’t need to tell you that. “Big Beautiful Day” is a giant, neon, joyous middle finger raised at the archaic gender politics the establishment prides itself on. If I still haven’t convinced you of PWR BTTM’s greatness consider this: the Vice President of the United States believes in conversion therapy. How could you not throw your full support behind a punk band called PWR BTTM?

Watch the glorious waffle filled glitter bomb of a music video below, then go out and look incredible.

PWR BTTM’s new album, Pageant , is out 5/12. Preorder it from Poly Vinyl Records

  • Doris Montgomery

    i think i like this band

    • lobster man

      I know you like this band.

  • Padfoot24

    “Three perfect chords get me closer to heaven” Joe D. of CEG

    And the way he says “God” and “Jesus Christ” on the mini-bridges? DAYUM. Total shit kicker right here.

  • Blochead4real

    This es a gud song. It kicks the asses

    • lobster man

      I’m glad I didn’t hype it up too much. If you can’t tell I’m pretty excited about this one.

      • Blochead4real

        Don’t worry a bout it. When you aren’t acting like Chuck D Padfoot is over there doing his best Flava Flav impression.

  • DFrye

    Compelling write-up but why do the kids hate vowels so much?


    • lobster man

      And can we get proper use of caps and lower case for once?