Just talked to a guy on the phone that was either lyin’ ’bout his true identity or was, in fact, THE Sam Elliot. We’re talking about THE STRANGER from The Big Lebowski here people!!! I mean we were just talking about steel prices and current availability but I thought at any second he was gonna ask me if I had a good source for a decent sarsparilla soda. I was sweatin’ bullets as I really don’t. Lucky for me we more or less stuck to the mundane. WHEW!

Little fun act about the smoothest drink of water in the acting game. Sam co-starred alongside Ben Gazzara in both the aforementioned The Big Lebowski, and arguably one of the greatest beefcake movie of the 1980’s, Road House. I said “one of”, Iceman. Calm the fuck down, Mr. Kilmer.

Also, here’s some Black Metal

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    This post has everything.

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    This post is a grand slam at the bottom of the ninth.