We’re keeping listeners contented this week with another curated selection of satisfying tunes. This time around, we’re serving up the best in lady six string slingers. Think of it as “coffee house singer songwriter” but the coffee shop is a totally hip, fair trade café that pays all its tattooed employees a fair living wage, has genuinely tasteful artwork on the walls, and serves as a great meeting place for the community, including grassroots political organizing. Also, the café is in Indie Heaven.

  • meat

    I enjoyed this playlist.

  • DFrye

    This is nice

  • Doris Montgomery

    Which one of you fuckers keeps ordering this shit

    • raptor jesus

      Not me! I don’t like folk.

      • theyachtmaster

        well you can eff off out of my comments section, biatch

  • Black Antlers

    “…has genuinely tasteful artwork on the walls” Now you’ve gone from wishfull thinking into the realms of lunatic fantasy.