It’s been a month since our beloved blochead did a smart thing and started “The Short List,” because list season is coming for us and Blocland likes to have its shit together. Bloc used that first post to rant about the weather like I do on a first date, but now on top of the sun’s merciless onslaught we’ve got smoke and flames and hurricanes to deal with. What a mess! Those fools in Westeros are getting off easy, amiright?

Anyway, I’m gonna add to “The Short List” with one of personal Songs of the Summer™ (yeah I just trademarked that, all music blogs pay up). It’s “Trees On Fire” by DJDS. I know, shitty timing. My home state is basically turning into Mordor right now. But this song is some thumping, delicious electro-pop with a gorgeous refrain that has a strangely emotional edge to it. Back in June I was banging this while driving up a mountain pass at sunset, and I swear I teared up a bit.

Anyway, add this to this list.

  • Doris Montgomery

    i hope the short list turns into an unruly monster by dec 31st

    • Cooolin

      Worst to Best: Every song on Spotify

      • Black Antlers

        Worst to best, every song NOT on Spotify – que lots of ‘non produced’ trebely bedroom black metal with limited vinyl / cassette pressings of 250 and next to no online presence beyond a text file.

  • Saul Wright

    Love DJDS!

    • Black Antlers

      Good job because there isn’t much else on this list 🙂

  • DFrye

    I get you. I am on record crying on mountain passes. And when I see puppies in cereal commercials. And Denzel Washington.

    • Cooolin

      What if you are driving o’er a mountain pass while on a road trip with Denzel Washington who is feeding Cheerios to his 18 puppies in the backseat. (okay the script kinda fell apart at the end there)