When it comes to instruments, recording techniques, and music theory, other music blogs pretend they know what they’re talking about–but not us.

They focus on things like lyrical themes, band narratives, and political issues, while we prefer the notes and the instruments that they come out of.

To prove to our musical prowess and educate our readers along the way, we’re introducing a new series about the technical workings of the sweet stuff that comes pumping through our headphones every day.

We’re starting with the best and arguably first instrument ever created by humans: the electric guitar.


  • LeMonjello

    How much flam should I look for in an ideal finger flam? min flam or max flam?

    • theyachtmaster

      It’s up the player, but I typically recommend 1.5˚ and adjust to taste

    • Doris Montgomery

      Lem I think Yacht is gunnin for your graphics job

  • Saul Wright

    We don’t deserve content this good.

  • Doris Montgomery

    Can’t wait for the keytar article

  • Cooolin

    My finger flam has become unshanked, what do I do?

    • DFrye

      Reshank it. Duh.

      • Cooolin

        Shit, I shanked myself.