Please stop putting half and half containers into the garbage disposal.

The containers are clogging our pipes. We are now spending a fortune on plumbing. This is a cost we do not need as our finances are already constrained.

Daniel Fartswallows in accounting had his hand mutilated in the disposal trying to remove a container. He was not aware it was switched on so when he cleared the jam his hand was torn to shreds. He uses that hand to operate his mouse. How will he use Excel now?

Daniel we expect you back next week. We are not paying for a new hand.

Please be considerate and dispose of your half and half containers properly. Throw them into the toilet.

Thank you



  • lobster man

    Daniel sounds like a bit of a liability to me.
    We’ll discuss on Monday.

  • Blochead4real

    Do not throw them in the toilet. Do not put anything in the toilet except toilet paper. Didn’t the horrible 2014 “Jeanine being Jeanine” nightmare mean anything to you?

    • Cooolin

      It’s Jeanine’s America, we’re just living in it.