Like all great music, most of Talib Kweli’s discography has been concerned with one timeless subject: the Presidential Inauguration of Donald Trump.

Talib Kweli is a legend in rap music circles, especially among the Old Heads and people who like rap that is metaphysical quizzical lyrical spiritual murder.

They say jazz is all about the spaces in between the notes, but Talib Kweli doesn’t have any of those because he uses a lot of words very fast. Sometimes in one line he’ll use more than 16 words


Per word


Anwyway, the show was pretty cool. Thanks guys,

  • dorismontgomery

    You’re welcome

  • LeMonjello

    I felt like I was there, great write up.

    • theyachtmaster

      A great writer uses their words to paint a vivid mental picture and also to score puss