Next month, Phil Elverum is following up his 2017 Mount Eerie album, A Crow Looked at Me, with the new full length Now Only. He’s already shared the over ten minute “Distortion” and this week he’s gifted us with “Tintin In Tibet”. Judging from these singles, it looks like Eleverum is going to be following the same kind of thematic elements of A Crow Looked at Me. But something feels different. This new single follows a day spent on a secluded island with Genevieve. There’s a warmness to the way Elverum recounts the story that wasn’t on A Crow Looked At Me. I don’t want to call “Tintin In Tibet” a “happy song”. It’s still incredibly sad, but it feels like the kind of song written by someone who is slowly putting themselves back together. There’s acceptance here. He can look back on this memory fondly. After my first listen, I was emotional about it for forty-five minutes in a way that I’m having a hard time explaining. Even now, I’m feeling a lump forming in my throat just from writing about it. There’s a lot to unpack here, but it’s all very beautiful and complicated and absolutely worth your time.



Now Only is out 3/16 on P.W. Elverum & Sun.

  • Doris Montgomery

    I love the art style of the Tintin comics

    • lobster man

      I only have a passing familiarity with Tintin but the art is very nice.