Glenn had a bowl of skittles on his desk yesterday. Now the skittles and the bowl are gone. Who did this?

The skittles were for everyone to share. Now no one gets skittles. Are you happy now?

Glenn brought that bowl from home. It was a gift from his plumber.

Glenn is furious. He threw his scotch tape across the room and got tape everywhere. Now he has to spend his first few hours cleaning up tape.

There will no longer be candy placed on his desk until the culprit comes forward.

Thanks for ruining it.

  • meat

    Don’t worry, boss. I’ll go around and smell everyone’s breath. Report to follow….

    • Blochead4real

      All of a sudden I see the genius in Lemonjello’s long con……………..

    • Doris Montgomery

      Thanks this place needs more Security.

      • DFrye

        Lock the god damn door when you go to lunch people! Only 5 people work here for fucks sake.

        • Doris Montgomery

          We have an “open door” policy we will have to revisit

    • Cooolin

      I only like the red skittles, so I would never have taken ALL the skittles.

    • meat