He will be wearing black jeans and a black jacket over his raptor jesus t-shirt apache gave him last year.

He is tall with curly brown hair. [Ed. note: Sounds like a Hunk]
  • raptor jesus

    I like that this site is for the people, by the people.

  • raptor jesus

    Also, Hi Colin!

  • Padfoot24

    JEALOUS. Show was amazeballs right?

    • raptor jesus

      Yeah super fucking good. First time seeing them somehow, so great show all the way through.

  • lobster man

    Hold up. Japandroids show? Black jacket? Black jeans? Tall? Curly hair?


    Is RJ Brian King?!?!

  • Cooolin

    I fucked up real bad. I left campus at 5 pm and my throat was burning. I chugged some Nyquil and was asleep before 10 pm, probably while Raptor was weeping over being stood up.

    • Cooolin

      @disqus_5db54pep22:disqus We’ll try again another time. Or you can come watch me do karaoke. I only do “Wonderwall.”

      • raptor jesus

        Tuesday night shows can be tough! I got lit af and rocked out hard. Another time!

        • Blochead4real

          Blocland has it’s first “missed connections”

          We’ve arrived

        • Cooolin

          Next time. We get so many great shows in this town.